Frequently Asked Questions

Bible Bundles desires to connect KidMin writers and Bible Teaching resources to those who need them. Offering fun activities that will equip parents and church leaders in their ministry.


This bundle has spread globally and we are excited to see what God does as we move forward with this project.

What do we believe? We accept materials from Christian sites run by people in mainstream denominations only – Protestant, Catholic or Orthodox. We don’t accept any contributions that promote one expression of faith over another – for example no Catholic Saints material will be featured! We don’t have a statement of belief for this site though most of our contributors do if you want to check them out. We do however screen all the products we offer you to make sure that they are both theologically sound and of the highest quality.
Why are you doing this? We offer free material alongside carefully chosen promoted products. These bundles are a great way for you to grab some amazing stuff but also for you to discover some new kids ministry writers.
Is it really 100% free? Yes – at most it will cost you an e-mail address. Most writers are happy to offer things free to get exposure for their amazing stuff and further chances to connect with you. That means some items will involve being added to a mailing list.
Can I be a contributor? We’d love to hear from people who want to be contributors. We hope to run 3 bundles a year. The Bible Bundles can include anything needed to teach children using the Bible as the foundation. This can include printables, videos, courses, ebooks, games, songs, training, outreach ideas, etc. We accept up to 40 Resource contributors each round. Please await the bundle submissions being announced before trying to submit.
Is there a main bible bundles image I can share? If you want to share or promote bible bundles then we’d be honored. The image bank is HERE

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